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'Blink' by 'Twiztid'
from the album 'Mostasteless'
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Lyrics for 'Blink' by 'Twiztid'
(chorus) X3
Show Me Lies Just Beyond Me Eyes
Would You Take Me To The World Where My Spirit Flies
Tell Me Is It Really Fact Or A Pack Of Lies
Show Me What's Beyond My Eyes

(monoxide And Maddrox Alteranting Each Verse)
When I Open My Eyes I See The Blood On The Wall
Neck And Backs Start To Contract About The Fall
When I Open My Eyes I Only Try To Hide The Pain
Cuz Legally, Physically, Mentally I'm Insane

When I Close My Eyes Everything Goes Black
My Heart Beat Skips Rhythms Like A Heart Attack
I'm An Insomniac With A Nose Bleed
You Can Ask Nosferatu Bitch He Knows Me

When I Open My Eyes I'm Hoping Everybody Dies
Missions With The Comptons When The Carnival Arise
When I Open My Eyes The Dead Will Resurrect
And We Gonna Itch You Bitches With Polished And Slit Neck

When I Close My Eyes My Body's Paralyzed
Ingulfed In The Swarm By The Lord Of The Flies
My Eyes Stay Closed My Temperature Falls
My Bed Starts Shaking Blood Dripping From The Walls

When I Open My Eyes Another Day Without A Friend
Sick And Tired, Crazy, And Bored When Will It End
When I Open My Eyes I Wish That I Could Glue Them Shut
But Then I Couldn't See My Cigarettes And I'd Be Fucked

When I Close My Eyes I See How Everybody Dies
Hanging From A Rope All With Fear In Their Eyes
Choking On Their Lies And Their Blood And Sweat
But Don't Leave Now You Aint Seen Shit Yet

(chorus X 2)

Take Me
Bring Me
Show Me
Why Don't You?

When I Open My Eyes I Can Feel My Ears Bleed
Nerves Flee Shaking My Hand Wishing Me Godspeed
When I Open My Eyes I'm In A Trance
My Only Thought Is Rocking The Dead Until They Dance

When I Close My Eyes I See Hell Turn To Ice
Starving Little Children Feeding On The Rancid Mice
My Eyes Stay Closed Angels Fall From The Sky
They Say That It Rains Every Time God Cries

When I Open My Eyes I See Heaven On A Cloud
All These People In A Line But I Can't Hear A Sound
When I Open My Eyes I'm Steady Falling Out Of Grace
Contacted By The Beast Of The Flames And Pure Hate

When I Close My Eyes The Mirror Goes Black
A Demon Crawls Through And Tries To Kill Me With An Ax
He Chase Me Around The Room Until I'm Tired As Fuck
Then I Fell Into The Corner Now I'm Shit Out Of Luck

When I Open My Eyes I'm Only Asking To Be Buried Alive
I Can't Escape The Voices Calling Inside
When I Open My Eyes I Know I'm Better Off Dead
I'm Still Looking For A Way To Cut Off My Own Head

When I Close My Eyes The Devil Man Appears
And Tells Me He's Been Hiding In My Closet For Years
My Eyes Stay Closed And He Rambles On
And Hands Me The Lyrics To A Dark Lotus Song

(chorus X 5)

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