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'Kite L Ale' by 'Tibob De Nazareth'
from the album 'Ou Anndan M'
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Lyrics for 'Kite L Ale' by 'Tibob De Nazareth'
Kite L Ale

Lyrics: Tibob
Music: Tibob

Yon Dimanch Senkè Dimaten M Ap Antre
M Fatige M Louvri Pòt Pou M Repoze
Sanzatann Gen Yon Vwa Fè Mwen Vire
Natacha De Ran Dlo K Ape Koule
Li Di M "tibob Di Mwen Ki Sa Pou M Fè
Mwen San Ti M Vle Fini Avèk Lavi
Jan Mwen Fidèl Poukisa M Nan Mizè
Pou M Jwenn Yon Moun Ki Renmen M Pou Lavi
M Santi Anndan M Fremi
Misye Di L Pa Pou Li
Kòmsi Pitit Mwen Ka Gon Lòt Papa
M Pa Janm Konn Lòt Gason
M Pa T Dwe Nan Diskisyon
Kòlè Monte Misye Di L Kite Sa"

Mwen Pran Men L Fè L Antre Pou Li Chita
Retire Tout Vye Lide Nan Tèt Li
Eksplike L Avèk Mo Ki Bay Lespwa
Bay Kouray Premye Devwa Yon Zanmi
Mwen Di L "tasha, Pa Bay Tèt Ou Pwoblèm
Bonte W A Va Trase Yon Wout Pou Ou
Pou Jan Ou Bèl Misye Genlè Pa Tèm
Sispann Kriye Pou Sa K Pa P Bon Pou Ou
W Pa Bezwen Fè Movesan
Lavi A Pi Bèl Devan
Yon Ti Bite Pa Dwe Fè W Chavire
Ranmase Fòs Ou Machè
Ou Sensè Ou Gen Bonkè
Kite L Ale Bondye Va Ranplase L

Kite L Ale
W Ap Toujou Ka Jwenn Lanmou
Kite L Ale
Si W Wèl Ale Pa T Pou Ou
Kite L Ale
Sispann Kriye Pa Fè Movesan
Kite L Ale
Yon Move Jou Pa Di Movetan

Panse A Demen
Lè Bato W Panche
Pran Vi W A De Men
W A Rive
Menm Si Pa T Sa W Te Vle
Zanmi Fò W Espere
Si Yon Moun Fè W Pran W So
Pa Di Lavi Ba W Do


Wo Oh! Wo Oh! (bis)

Pa Fatige Kò Ou
Si L Pa Pase Bò Ou
Ou Merite Lajwa
Li Pa Ka Ba Ou Sa
Kite Misye Vole
Kite L Ale
Kite Misye Mache
Kite L Ale
Sispann Kriye Pa Fè Movesan
Kite L Ale
Yon Move Jou Pa Di Movetan

Produced By: Tibob
Keyboards: Tibob & T-jean
Bass (synth): T-jean
Guitars: Chichi
Backgrounds: Tibob, Chichi, Ketia
Drums: T-jean
Sax Solo: Godwin

**** **** **** ****
Let Him Go

One Sunday Morning At 5
I Was Tired
And Going Back Home To Sleep
As I Was Opening The Door
A Trembling Voice Called Me Up
Natasha Was Crying Heavily
She Said “tibob Tell Me What To Do?
I Have It With Life
I Am So Faithful And Yet
In Such A Misery To Find
Someone To Love Me Truly
Something Moved In My Stomach
He Said It’s Not His
As If My Child (uh Uh Uh Uh)
Could Have Another Father
I Never Knew Any Other Man
Nothing Was To Be Discussed
Anger Came Around
And He Left Me All Alone”

I Took Her Hand In
Made Her Sit And Relax
Brushed Off Her Suicidal Thoughts
Explained Her With Encouraging Words
To Give Her Hope And Strength
The First Duty Of A True Friend
I Said: “tasha, Forget Him All
Your Goodness Will Find You A Path
You Are So Beautiful
He Must Be Out Of His Taste
Stop Crying For What’s Not The Best For You
No Need To Be Furious
Life Will Be More Beautiful
You Stumbled (uh Uh Uh Uh)
But Failed To Fall
Gather Your Strength, My Friend
You Can’t Lose With Your Sincere Heart
Let Him Go, God Will Replace Him!

Let Him Go!
You’ll Always Find Love
Let Him Go!
He Left He Was Never Yours
Let Him Go!
Stop Crying, Stop Worrying
Let Him Go!
One Bad Day Doesn’t Always Announce With Bad Times

Think Of Tomorrow
When Your Ship Is Sinking
Take Your Life With Both Hands
And You’ll Make It Through
That May Not Be What You Want
But You’ve Got To Have Hope
Someone Simply Made You Slip
But Life Has Not Turned Its Back Against You


Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Why Jean-charles?
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Let Him Go, Your Friend Tibob
Will Always Be With You

Don’t Mind If He Doesn’t Come Back
You Deserve Happiness
Which He Doesn’t Have For You
Just Let The Fool Go
Let Him Go!
Just Let The Bastard Leave
Let Him Go!
Stop Crying, Stop Worrying
Let Him Go!
One Bad Day
Doesn’t Always Announce With Bad Times

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