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'Read My Lips' by 'Tha Alkaholiks'
from the album 'Coast Ii Coast'
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Lyrics for 'Read My Lips' by 'Tha Alkaholiks'

Back Once Again To Wet Up The Whole Area
Check My Style Out

Verse One: Tash

Read My Lips, My Dick Be Makin Bitches Leave Tips
Castin Shadows Over Battles Like A Lunar Eclipse
Cause The Man That Makes You Jump Like You The Grand Prize Winner Of A Lexus
I'm Back Again To Test Your Reflexes
If You Don't Think I Can Flow Then You Can Ask E-swift
If You Don't Believe Swift Then You Can Call Steve Griff
If You Don't Believe Griff Then Step Up To Fuck With I
Call You Up And Send You As A Gift To Hieroglyph
Cause The Liks Got Lyric Tricks Datin Back To Eighty-six
While My Thousand Dollar System Still Busts The Pause Mix
So My Style Be Comin At You More Deadlin Than A Cobra
With These Niggaz On My Mind Like Is He Drunk Or Is He Sober
Mind Your Biz While I Rhymes Like Biz To The Tent
I Slam Like A Fifth That Stays Hidden
Not To Be Fucked With, Under Any Circumstances
And I Don't Have To Sing To Send These Bitches Into Trances

Chorus: E-swift (repeat 4x)

I Give The Party People What They Like
Somethin Hype, To Keep Em Rockin All Night

Verse Two: J-ro

Next It's, The Man Freakin Funky Flow Flexes
Bustin In My All Day I Dream About Sexes
Walk Into Your Living Room There I Am
Stroll To Your Kitchen There I Am
Run To Your Backyard Hmm There I Am
Everywhere You Look There Goes The Ro-gram
That's Why You Hate Me, You Can't Escape Me
You Can't Even Erase Me Off Your Tape
We The A-l-k, H-o-l-i-k-s
Comin Like New Pimps Humps And Stress To Your Chest
J, To The R-o, Just Rockin On
I Keep The Party Poppin Til A New Day Is Born
The Alkaholik Name Won't Change Not A Bit
I Told You On The Last Skit Dick You Can't Tell Me Shit
We Kick It Wicked, So You Can Get Addicted
To The Hip-hop That We Drop, Get With The Liquid


Verse Three: J-ro, Tash

Punk Mc's Get Bent, I'll Leave A Dent In What You Sent
I Got Your City Covered Like A Motherfuckin Tent
Some Say I Rap Funny, Give My Money To The Needy
The Way Ibust Will Get You Dizzy Like A Vd
I Hang With Thugs I'm Like Drugs So Why Try Me
I'm Swift Like Ozzie Smith, Your Flow Ain't Goin By Me
He's A Sufferin Succcootash, Throw Him In The Trash
Show Him You The Man That'll Boom Bash

I Hold Mc's Up Like Money It Ain't Funny
When I Leave Em In The Corner Broke Up Like Crash Dummies
Get A Doctor, Sock The, Volts To The Chest
For The Cardiac Arrest, Fuckin With The Freshest
Cause Even On Your Best, I Leave You Like Ness
Cause I'm Colder Than A Forty Straight Out The Ice Chest
So It's Easy To Distinguish Who Drunk The Olde English
Cause It Stays In My System Till I Drain It Out My...

(arguement With Girl)

How Many Alcoholics We Got Here In The House? *cheer*
How Many Pot-heads We Got? *cheer*
Same Fuckin Assholes

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