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'Worlds Most Dangerous' by 'Ja Rule'
from the album 'Venni Vetti Vecci'
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Lyrics for 'Worlds Most Dangerous' by 'Ja Rule'
Uh, Uh, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Uh

I Could See It In Your Eyes
Ja Rule-
Ya'll Niggas Is Scared Of Us
Declarin' Us The World's Most Dangerous
You Don't Wanna See Me Rise
Ja Rule-
Because When We Get High We Get 'em
Should Have Seen How We Did' Em
Must A Been The Weed In 'em
But As Long As I'm Alive
Ja Rule-
I'm A Show The World My Struggle
My Pain, My Hunger, My Hustle
You Can Put It On My Life
Ja Rule-
Cause I Do It For My Niggas
For The Love Of My Bitches
If You Wit' Me, Feel This

For What It's Worth Everything That I Believe In
My Lord, If They Saw Where A Nigga Been
Would They Applaud My Acheivements?
I'm Killing These Niggas For A Reason
Laying Them Down
Ain't Nothing For Now
While I'm Breathing
I'm Ride For Niggas, That Ride For Me
Knowing In My Heart That These Same Niggas Would Die For Me
Bleed, Tears Of Love For Lost Blood
You Can See The Pain In My Eyes And What It Does And Why
I Don't Give A Fuck Whether I Live Or Die
I'm A Paint This World A Portrait Of My Mind
Show 'em, If They Deny It Blow 'em
Past Me The Iron Let Me Bite Them Wit' The Bulldog Made By Design
Niggas Gon' Give Me Mines
And Get In Line For The Torture
I Swear, Run Any Closer To Air
My Bullets Travel Wit' Prayers
Guns Blazin' In Pairs
Who The Nigga You Fear
Ja Rule, Motherfucker
All My Hoes And Hustlers
Ride Wit' Me
Get A Feelin' On How This World Did Me
Was Curious 'till It All Hit Me
But Its Clear Now
Though It's A Narrow Hall That I Stare Down
I'm Huggin' The Bars Kissin' The Ground
Fuckin' Around Wit' The Rule Nigga
What You Tryin To Do
Make Me Put A Hole In You
And Your Bitch Too
Let's Make This An Issue
How We Do It Thug Style
Turn The Lights Off World
Enter The Lockdown


This Is A Nigga Livin' His Life
In Gripes Wit' The World
I Need To Be High And Cop Ice Girl
Fuck A Price Girl
With No Problems At All
I'm Ready To Ball
On Call Killers From Atlanta To Dainamall
N-y Baby, You See Why
We The World's Murderous Guys
With Mafia Ties
Fuck Around And Die
It Found Myself Me And My Nine
Doin' A Jooks Stickin To Crime
A True Crook In 9-9
My Nigga You Holdin Me Down
We Fuck Around
And Start Killin' These Clowns
We're Hittin' 'em Now
Fools, Lie Down
Quaters To Halves To Pounds
Nigga I'm Seein' Triple Of The Breakdown
That's What I Make Now
And Nothin' Flake Now
Fuck The Law
50-50 Love Showed Across The Board
I'm A Crook Ready For War
Mutha Fucka Spittin' Gutta For Sure
That's On My Life Pushin The Ready
Rock Steady
On Every Block, Aiight!


Ja Rule-
Fuck The World If They Can't See
I'm A Bastard Hollerin' "fuck Me!"
Blaze To The Death And Die With Dignity
For The Life Of Me
I Just Wanna Remain
A Nigga That's Loyally Loved Through His Levels Of Pain
And I Won't Be Contained
Even If You Incarcerate
Still I'm Only In Chains
Bury Bread And Stash The Range
It's How A Thug Would Do Things
Get Arraigned, Start Diggin' For Change
Then Get Back In The Game
And Try To See Through My Thoughts Why
You Ain't Read Yfor Whats On My Mind
Too Inclined
One Of Gods Feared And Most Greatest Design
See, Any Nigga That Lies
Is A Nigga You Watch
Make Him Easy To Dot
Send Him In A Rag-gedy Box
You Lookin Me In My Eyes, Huh?
What You See? My Vision For Pain?
My Lust For Sluts And Whores?
I'm A Wild Nigga
Might A Heard Of My Foul Niggas
Ya'll Aint Ready
It's Fuckin Murda
You Bitch Niggas

(chorus) X2

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