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Style of Popup:Entry  Exit  Timed second(s)
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Auto Close Popup:No             Yes second(s)
Dimensions:Width     Height (pixels)
Distance From:Top         Left     (pixels)
Popup Name:Auto Name Manually Name
Status Bar:NoYes
Menu Bar:NoYes
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» Use this Popup Maker to make popup windows for your website ads.
» Create pop behind ads, exit popups, a timed popup and on entry popups.
» Make popups that popup when you click a link, button or image!
» Make a popup that closes automatically after a set time period!
» Use Width and Height to set the exact size of your popup.
» Set Top and Left for where you want the popup to appear on screen.
» For a hidden popup spawner, set Width=10, Height=10, Top=5000 & Left=5000.
» If you have more than 1 popup on your page, they must have different names.
» Use Auto Name to make this easy or type names in Manually, eg popup1, popup2.

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