Matt Damon: "I'm still F@ing Sarah Silverman" Video

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Date uploaded: 2008-03-10
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Description: Matt calls Ben's video 'petty' but says he's not surprised because he's been 'f***ing her for a long time now!'Subscribe to The Showbiz 411! us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: our homepage: out our other Top 15 Showbiz videos!Michael Jackson's ghost... spotted again?: Brown talks about Rihanna: and Sophie -- Big Brother's big romance?: Perry duets with Elmo on Sesame Street: Perry vs Beyonce's British accent: Potter stars react to Dumbledore gay twist: new Lara Croft model revealed:'s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden on Susan Boyle: Pattinson describes his perfect first date: Moore on the big screen: Bruno drops in on Eminem at MTV Awards: Carr's shortest joke in the world: Boyle talks to Oprah Winfrey: Costner's emotional speech in full at Whitney Houston's funeral: 2013's Most Watched Videos: our Top 20 Most Watched videos: 2012's Most Watched Videos:
Channel: Comedy

Matt Damon:
Matt Damon: "I'm still F@ing Sarah Silverman" Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

Scotty, Kimmel... I bet that's not a completed list of broken lifes. Matt is a real demon.

That dude is so incredible here. To stay in perfect character like that, even in a random interview is pretty amazing. 

Harrison Brown
Sarah Silverman is not just ugly, but also talentless. Jimmy can do much better than her, I'm not so sure about Matt tho that guy has the face of a douche. Although he is a talented actor.

Dude Blowme
epic lol

perfect :)

watcher lim
Wow. He is in character. Such a good actor! :)

ECo Survivor
omg mat is just too funny

Shortly after Matt's original blow-out, one of the stage managers for Kimmel's show gave a radio interview where he stated, "Jimmy's going to be mad at me for this, but oh well... this was REAL. [Matt Damon was FURIOUS as Jimmy, &] Jimmy was really freaked out." Several months later, he offered a retraction, claiming that was just a joke. Still, it all adds up: Matt Damon is red in the face with the veins bulging out of his forehead, (virtually impossible to fake, no matter how good an actor you are.) Next, the "f-ing Matt Damon" clip comes out. Look closely at the non-verbal exchange between Kimmel & Silverman at the end of that clip. Not a joke. So here we have the interview where Matt has yet to come to the realization of what a monumental asshole he really is, blithely seeing himself as some kind of hero, the "winner" in a supposed war of vanity. Doubtless one of his handlers cautioned him following this interview to avoid revealing his true character so transparently. The solution? Go to tremendous lengths to control damage & pretend the whole thing was a joke all along. Kimmel & Silverman waited about 6 months to publicly break up, but it's always been clear to anyone paying attention (& an understanding of human nature) what actually transpired. Kimmel's ok in my book, but Damon & Silverman are exemplars of grotesque vanity, devoid of taste, & furiously trying to clothe themselves as human beings with publicity stunts & hollow gestures to charity. Now, bring on the shills!!

lol @ the people who actually think this is real. HAHAHAHHA!! Dumb asses. 



Gabe King
You know, i'm actually ok with it. It's best to be honest !

well, you do understand sarcasm right? what you said makes no sense, of course he sounds serious and if you were trying to be sarcastic... why bother when the video shows it... thats like me watching a video of a dog licking a screen and saying something like 'omg i love how his tongue keeps hitting the screen. like, it honestly looks like hes licking a screen...'

He doesn't even need to try...he is cool.

maaaaaaaaaaattt daaaaamon

Marian Kolwaski
maaaattt damonnn

@JoekerProductions I was thinking the same thing.

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