Carl Froch vs. Lucian Bute Promo Video

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Uploaded by Nouri Productions
Date uploaded: 2011-10-09
Length: 1:16 minutes
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Description: A promo for a possible unification fight after the Super Six Boxing Classic. Froch fights Ward on December 10th for the Final of the Tournament, and Bute fight Glen Johnson in November.
Channel: Sports

Carl Froch vs. Lucian Bute Promo
Carl Froch vs. Lucian Bute Promo Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

The best thing about this fight was that we don't have to listen to Bute fans making idiots of themselves (comments below are a good example) anymore. Froch effectively ended Butes career that night and we won't miss him or his idiotic fanboys´╗┐

Bute got exposed. Not a bad fighter, but not on the level of the best in the division. Although it was great to see such sportsmanship from Bute. Froch may not be the best in the division either but he is still a great fighter. He did a great job and put on a good show.

Aliosha Raphael
Lucian bute ...easy win !!!

Froch destroyed Bute but what a sportsmen Bute is. Takes his loss like a man, good spirit.

you know why all these excuses are coming from bute fans,because they know nothing about boxing and thought bute was invincible because he's been knocking out bums for 5 years.The only half decent fighter he beat was an old man in glen johnson and even in that fight he was that boring i actually fell asleep aroung the seventh round.

Bute vs Ward, next please!

"nock"?? Really?

Be quiet you fool

Froch - The Champion of Dirty Fight. Bute - True Gentleman, Fair player. and that's why i love Bute.


Froch tends to hit in the clinches allot and catch opponents on the back of the head but it's beacuse they keep hugging him. This is basically why Froch gets away with it. Bute was doing it quite a bit to try and avoid being hit and I've seen loads of fighters do this against Froch when they struggle with the pressure style.

LOL "Who Win?"

LMAO he couldn't win the rematch if he had a lump hammer in his hand.

Bute wont win back his title, hes not in the same league as froch. He hasnt fought anyone world class and that showed. Stop making excuses about going down for money as he already had the heavier purse share. He can go and win the romanian national title because that is as good as h'ell get

Ga rag
Bute have fight for the money, that what i think

Bute will beat him. Remember the name BUTE.You need to meet him..romanian fighters.

luci rupel. gib ihn aufs maul RO

koko soso
Kessler will fight Froch next and Froch agrees on it saying he would love to have a rematch with Mikkel.

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