Attack Of The Happy People - XTC Documentary (1 of 6) Video

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Uploaded by Glimmer81
Date uploaded: 2007-08-07
Length: 9:55 minutes
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Description: Israeli documentary about more than just ecstasy...
Channel: Entertainment

Attack Of The Happy People -  XTC Documentary (1 of 6)
Attack Of The Happy People - XTC Documentary (1 of 6) Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

They should throw an [ Ecstasy-bomb ] on the Middle East. No more wars, just happy people. And everyone will B S 1. :) 

ima stop smoking weed and stop smoking cigarettes and take mollies every week at raves WHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Falconer Atlee
i've been doing e since 1988, still doing them and I have NO long lasting effects!! I have taken over 2000 pills in that time, no brain damage, no adverse effects, in fact , i feel excellent!!

I love Israel & I looove mdma..good stuff !! :D

@marathonproductions sorry try acid(lsd) I still own some xtc I got from a pst dealer last yr when I lived an hr away and after a few users or so I don;t really enjoy it because I need a new dealer have hardly any acid left lttle weed and these pills later in the week I may use agn.

They make money off of it believe me. Not only is the US government the largest supplier of illegal street drugs right now...But when they bust people, You know how money they make off fines and court fees. It's ridiculous.

@Ballerpappy kk ur a dumbass because it actually does put holes in ur brain not very big ones and especially not after one use its after heavy use (drug abuse) thats when those so called "myths" r reality my friend got a cat scan and his brain looked like swiss chess no lie he showed me the pic

Diana Bolanos
I loved ecstasy, I used to do it on the weekends. At every electronic event I've ever went to. I never felt so amazing in my life. I've never seen so many accepting people in this "scene." But yesterday 3/12/11, I had overdosed. Got sent to the hospital, almost died, but thankfully I did not. I am never touching another drug in my life. Every has a breaking point with these kinds of drugs. I thought it was going to be like any other night. Drink water, stay hydrated, rest etc. That didn't help.

weed is way better than faggot ass ecstacy. weed wont effect your brain badly like ecstacy. it wont make holes in ur brain.

@smokinblu1 Ah ok i see what you mean. I tried coke/Acid but i have not done them in years not my thing especially not coke. Acid is nice in the summer on isolated occasions and festivals. The only Drugs i use regularly are cannabis and Ecstasy and so far i dont think i am over doing it but i think im certainly not being 100 percent safe and on the usual guidelines I.e drop once every month instead of once a weekend. All drugs eventually take there toll but if careful the effects are very slim.

xtc is more of a medative drug then anything else it was never meant for the partys its actually spritual drug..

Derek Burling
@6Soul7 ecstasy lowers your spinal fluids

@jaffabeans another guy also lost it, he would be pretty normal but then if he took a hit of a joint he would be in another dimention, saying all kinda stupid and irrealistic things, it was really annoying to have him around. Other friends were beyond nervous all the time... SOme of these guys abused it heavily but some just took 1 pill. The question you have to ask your self is "is it worth it"? to me it was I'm fine now, but I'm sure those guys (and their family) wish they could go back

Everyone in the world should take xtc once in his life, the world would be better.

F++k your spinal cord ? Where did you read that nonsense ? Now television, thats a real spinal cord damaging drug. Lets ban T.V.

That is wrong MDMA is the drug that causes serotonin depletion. The only thing that is in pills with MDMA is either speed and binding agents. Your trying to saty that you will not get any ill effects if you take pure MDMA? I think you will.

@6Soul7 i think they say that only if you don't drink water and dehydrate yourself

im paying 2 euro for a 180mg .greetz from amsterdam *_*

"witrh ecstacy,you love everyone,anyone u see in the street,anyone who crosses ur path youl love them,u cant hurt anyone on true

Acid or cocaine aren't found in bombs... And Acid wouldn't make you depressed.

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