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Date uploaded: 2015-04-17
Length: 3:56 minutes
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Channel: Howto & Style Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

Oh!THAT'S where that hatena flipnote came from!

Golden Freddy
Question... if the sham WOOHOO! can push liquid off tables...........Then how is it gonna take liquid out of PANTS

Hit like if you are watching in 2015 or its just me..

Legendary Jinx
Who came here from sonic99rae?

Love Spongebob Or Else
sonic99rae anyone?

Toy Chica
Who else got here from sonic99rae? :D

Ria M.
0:18-0:20 when he says "Don't believe me, watch this" It sounds like "Don't believe me just watch" from Uptown Funk. THEY COPIED IT FROM HIM

Miranda Sizemore
Like if you want people love o stop with the sonic99rae I like her but really?

cool catt
Like if your watching in 2015

Sarah Buzzer, Fnaf Murderer
+Foxy The Pirate WATCH THISS

Jude Kanawati
Thumbs up for watching this in 2015!!! Sooooo OLD, and FUNNY 

xXFabulous Foxx
Sonic99rae brought me here lol

Sonic99rae brought me here and they're both funny

The Rabbit
like if you watched the sonic99rae version first!

Eleos Soele
like if you're watching in 25083452393568906049465698470442879072098720987092864092874680947864209709845667429874096702948567049285620978495827409857029872956470958729409209849567294429209879039485728347593479832578934274942912972965212597798913641643163179647968965967316713794579658142562765219752154264216152267217921948129756431642137129521645571974812645.

Louies Pimentel
Who else watched this classic before this rae thing showed up? 

DatSoldier Official
Yes, we know you came from sonic99rae. Now can you shut the full cup?

Bash Cat
I wonder if someone came from sonic99rae...

Jerome Ryan
Damn throwback

Finn Bell
Like If Sonic99 Brought you here

Mackenzie Rayne
There is 93,144 people I want to snap max

Am I, like, the ONLY one NOT here from a stupid FNAF animation?

Barti Dan
wow who would buy paper for €19.99

Tyrus russell
Rae brought meh here

Truls Bekk
Sensational hair!

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