Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.95 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time HD Edition Pt.1 Video
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Uploaded by UberHaxorNova
Date uploaded: 2012-02-19
Length: 13:07 minutes
Viewed: 1036573 times
Average Rating: 4.9 (14307 votes)

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Channel: Gaming

Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.95 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time HD Edition Pt.1
Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.95 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time HD Edition Pt.1 Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

Dark Lord Movies
look at 04:19 it looked like gandalf slaying the balrog into the deep depts

Maya Posch
The game Happy Wheels, with the custom level based on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It still has me in stitches :DStay tuned for part 2...

kardell pealer
what does mlg mean again ?

Apparently, the tree is saying that Nova plays games, he's a dick, and it loves him.

hunter sch
you are the best nova and i would love if i could play with you in minecraft

Pewdiepie is just played on this map.

They should of added Navi! xD I can just imagine Nova raging!

Rage King
the demon thing is named Balrog

Ethan Ritter
It's a reupload.

Orion Fritch
anyone else get that thought, that when he first fought gohma and fell down with it...that it seemed like Lord of the Rings with Gandalf and that fire demonic thing?

Dakota Wellner
I'm novas niebor


i think people who QQ over the internet are retarded kids that should go play call of duty.... a game that takes no skill so they cant QQ when they fail

how about we call him timmy

octa gabriel
9:55 looks like a retarded :O

Myles Grotz
I have this game!

Minecraft and Other Games

Lukas Walker
You just swore you F***ing brony

Mitch Korson
Don't feed the trolls, please...

It doesn't matter in that sentence, if anything it should be a dash.

Sorry, its 7:08 to 7:15

4:18 was a lord of the rings moment.

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