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Date uploaded: 2015-04-17
Length: 3:56 minutes
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Channel: Howto & Style Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

Lewis Jameson
is anyone else watching in 2015

The Devious Duck
Look closely at 8:06, Israphel's nameplate.

Emily Melhut
i miss the old times where you would get the "oo" sound when you get hurt, now its just some weird noise that sound like tic tacs

Eric Monaco
6:13 that's the bridge connecting Mistral City to BBQ Bay

Cherry Mary
did anyone else join minecraft because they thought it would be an epic adventure?

Mattie Skruks
Israphels nametag is at the bottom left corner at 8:05-8:10

Didn't they know they could sprint... LOL!

Propel Does Minecraft
WHEN DID THEY HAVE TIME TO BUILD THIS?!?! XD I mean even if they spent the whole survival island series building it its still really impressive for that amount of time.

I wish they'd release this as a map, that would make my day!

i just buyed minecraft how do i get israphel to attack me so my adventure can start

Zoz Zozya
this series got me to buy minecraft

Tucker Somerville
there mic's used to sound so bad

Clyde Craft
hmm when was hunger added?

Dylan Gibson
It is hilarious the amount of people in the comments yelling at them about things that don't even exist yet. I've seen two about sprinting.

Ryan Abbott
It would be awesome if minecraft added this as like and rpg mod!

The Reverse Psychologist
"My fa,ily home!"-Old Peculiar, 2011

I watched this when I was littler and I didn't get the doctor who refreanse but when I re watched this I completely fan girled 

CamoGaming In HD
9:00 Simon had a voice crack lol. I love re-watching the series! 

Connor Kemper
Remember when they even did their mod reviews in this city? I am so incredibly glad they're going to bring back this series. All i'm hoping for is that it's not going to take another year. Maybe after moonquest?

Abby Schaeffer
To this day I still wonder what they were talking about when Lewis reconnected at 7:00.

Daj Craft
Fun Fact! Granny Bacon was played by Sips!

adel fernandez
Like this comment if you notice lewis uses ! every time he chat

William McGrath
I'm a monkey on a mission

Coming back early 2015 yay

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