Mass Effect 3: Build a Customizable Arsenal Video

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Date uploaded: 2012-02-07
Length: 1:21 minutes
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Description: For more information about Mass Effect 3 and the fight to Take Earth Back, visit our website:http://www.masseffect.comDon't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest ME3 updates: 75 Perfect Review Scores! Mass Effect 3 is Available Now:
Channel: Gaming

Mass Effect 3: Build a Customizable Arsenal
Mass Effect 3: Build a Customizable Arsenal Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

жека соколов
чтото напоминает 

Kevin Di Sanchez
wish Mass Effect online had more updates but stil the greatest single player i ever played ME 1,2,3 bless you Bioware

I know, but why do you say that looking at me MW?


Still a better ending than ME3.

I dont even know what the heck everyone didn't like about ME1's combat, It didnt use ammo therefore didn't please all the mainstream little kiddies? I liked the heat management part, I was pissed when they changed it to ammo in ME 2, and they gave a crappy reason for it.

Soul Mahajan
plus it had more problems then the endings.....I wanted an RPG like ME2 but it lacked in that...ME2 for life

Coming soon: Mass Effect 3 customizable Ending!

Win The North
Can we have a customizable ending based on our choices throughout the series?

I am never changing Shepard's armor. Way to many memories with it.

Nick Blanton
Biodrone? Lol. Is that like a CoD whore but with an actually fun game? Then I'm proud to be. Thanks for the compliment.

WTF is the M-90 Indra? And where do i get it?

The Freeman Initiative
can you have a single comment too?

Hehehe, that is exactly was happened. But with more scenes and less text.

@NordicAspect Really? im color blind so I thought it was all just the same ending.

anything with EA= GREEDY AND CRAP

Kathleen Wilkinson
1:01 BASTARDS!!!

@livingWolfArrow You'd understand the story and what's going on. Just as if you'd started with ME2, you'd understand what's going on there as well, mostly. I'd normally say start with game 1 but at this point it doesn't really matter.

mass effect fans deserve better and you know it. if you played all 3 games and imported your saves and beat mass effect 3 you would understand. You don't put in over 100 hours of gameplay to get a middle finger in the last 10 minutes.

Tassana Puttaprasart
at least you can customize the colour

Soul Mahajan
no costumization can make u escape the ending atrocity

Mark FckinWahlberg
Trolling aside the ending to Skyrim was pretty epic

I made one. here we go:: You choose to shove a gun in the lil boys face for creating the reapers then you pull the trigger. you use the crucible to destroy the reapers, it does not destroy the mass relays, and any 1 you romanced is a ok. and sheperd lives untill he dies of NATURAL causes. and every one rememberd him as COMMANDER SHEPERD not THE SHEPERD!!!!! there we go. hows that for a good ending??? I wouldve done this if i was on the programing team of bioware

the ending of skyrim was good until it took an arrow to the knee =)

the ending doesn't suck... it just not worth for a newgame plus

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