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Date uploaded: 2015-04-17
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Mister Wong
Root Ace

ıllıllı ⓢⓛⓥⓔⓡ ıllıllı ⓙ
Mass effect would've been better without EA

Norina F
I avoided anything ME3 before playing the game. Now I'm watching all the trailers. xD

Either that was a big-ass thresher maw, or the tiniest Reaper ever.

@kro235 Obviously you're not listening to what I said either. You're original statement said that an RPG is defined by doing stuff that has consequences. (UNDERSTAND I KNOW WTF YOU'RE SAYING, OK) But that could be applied to nearly anything and everything. When you play a fighter let's say, you do things and there are consequences. For every action there is a reaction, correct? I'm not saying you should have said one thing or another. I'm saying, your ideas on a RPG are very broad.

Good thing i didn't kill that many Thresher Maws in ME1.

Hellkaiser Alex
this made my day

At 1:40 It's like, BITCH NO YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

@404james Yeah, I read somewhere that in ME3 there are several types of reapers, including dreadnaughts (like sovereign) as well as destroyers, harvesters, and transports/dropships.

@GiGsTaRe turians?

Ilidag Maximus
they just need 100 thresher maws

I lol'd.

@xGrunty Grammar was just icing on the cake. You need to relax. If you read anything else I commented, the main problem I have with the ME series is the decline in RPG elements. The problem with a Story, and Action mode in the game is that in order for those to exist, the RPG mode has to suffer. They wouldn't make a "shooter" if it wasn't going to appeal to that specific crowd. In doing so, the other modes must suffer in areas. Main point. ME1>ME2(and most likely>ME3)

@juancitodinho18 Looks like Wrex, not sure though.

Marshall Husvar
The ending??? anyone remember mass effect 2? red explosion or blue explosion? :

james sabouriginal
Gotta love watching the mini Godzilla scene ... He would be proud.

@ZippieeIfy They attack anything.Perhaps they're allies in ME3.

Barney Collington
@CactusRyRy I believe this reaper has come down with a terrible case of stormtrooper syndrome. or maybe conrade verner got melted into his brain

Nazarath Xter
Hah Classic, But you know that the Reavers are based on Cthulhu?

OK Who forgot to feed fluffy!?

Vaughn Fletcher
Everyone get on @AllianceNewsNet on Twitter. Thumbs up so it can be seen.

u forgot green?

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