[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up] Video

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Uploaded by missA
Date uploaded: 2010-10-02
Length: 3:39 minutes
Viewed: 4381566 times
Average Rating: 4.9 (20884 votes)

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Description: [M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up]
Channel: Music

[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이)
[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up] Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace
i'm not surprised you can't breathe while doing this choreo, I tried, someone call an ambulance XD

Yuma Chin
Uh Suzy has gloves that disappear then reappear lol wat.

Nissa K
What kind of dance is it?

Marthe Yoona
the dance is really difficult you should try it :p

yerim oh
Jyp가 항상 말하는 미래 지향적인 느낌이 바로 이 이국적인 느낌을 말하는듯함 그러면서도 jyp에서 촌스러움을 느낄수있는게 뭐냐면 2000년대 초반 팝을 기반으로 노래를 많이 만듦 노래들어보면 알겠지만 옛날 브리트니,아토믹키튼같은 느낌이 많이 남 이 촌스러움을 떼내려면 미국적인 느낌을 많이 줘야함 잘은 모르겠으나 춤구상은 미국애들한테 맡겨야됨

why suzy always change clothes?

Alberto Nieves
I like the song and the dance!!!!?:)

yerim oh
Jyp는 확실히 체구를 많이봄 팔다리 길거나 아님 가슴이나 어깨가 넓던가 그리고 얼굴은 완전 동양인 아니면 서구적인 얼굴 위주로 뽑고..보면 인종을 모티브로 하고 뽑은게 많은거같다.미쓰에이를 보면 알수있듯이 지아 수지는 백인같고 민하고 페이는 확실히 라틴 아니면 흑인느낌이 강함

Позитивом заряжает на все 100% !!!! Спасибо Miss A

Choi Min Chel
Las amoson tan geniales :3

It makes me feel so good ~Thank's Miss A :D

Ciara Jones
I love the dance and the song

Engrish-Master Yul
Min is such a great dancer!

although suzy's doing the same moves, she just looks... really stiff? like, min is so bouncy!

Enjoy my Joke
Trop d'un!

Sircaboo CI
Min sure has flow. I like her dancing, very energetic.

elsa lizanaprado
muy buena coreografia

Joanna Apostol
사랑해,미쓰에이<3From The Phil. :)

For the lyrics this song is called Breathe,but for the choreography it's called Sweat (lol)

Ummm, this is not a "dance ver." it's just some of the raw video that was shot before editing the final MV. Usually when referring to a "dance version" it means a different production of the music track.


Mishel A. Peña
lol Suzy xDD

no body saw that random head on 1:35 

Kamila Garcia
I love Miss A ♥♥

nathan patrick
Love that video also I can understand the song since am deaf can't hear the word they sing also great beat keep repeat in my jeep volume turn on high 

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