[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up] Video
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Uploaded by missA
Date uploaded: 2010-10-02
Length: 3:39 minutes
Viewed: 4091742 times
Average Rating: 4.9 (19706 votes)

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Description: [M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up]
Channel: Music

[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이)
[M/V_dance ver.] miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe" (브리드) from [Step Up] Video

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Mister Wong
Root Ace

Ummm, this is not a "dance ver." it's just some of the raw video that was shot before editing the final MV. Usually when referring to a "dance version" it means a different production of the music track.

You have to have some good stamina to dancing this dance~!!

Mishel Peña
lol Suzy xDD

Andrew Brown
Dance version gooooo

It makes me feel so good ~Thank's Miss A :D

Nungruthai pochree

sammy bampoe-parry
is it me or does suzy have a black glove on and off her hand

although suzy's doing the same moves, she just looks... really stiff? like, min is so bouncy!

For the lyrics this song is called Breathe,but for the choreography it's called Sweat (lol)

Ichiomoto Tikiyo
Miss A

Miss roaa
I can't take my eyes from suzy :$

Sung Ha In
good choreography! miss a fighting!!!

Sol Barradas
they look like penguins haha, cute tho

Kaat Oh
I'm not fan of Miss A but I gotta say, I have a few songs of them on my iPod and their music calms me down! ^^

Demonicka F
it's one of my favorite kpop dances ever :]

Kayy Tbh
How in the world do they pull off those outfits. omg.

Micaela CCSayA
the songs from "miss A" put me in a good mood!! <3

Allaura Tomlinson
Got this song on replay!!

Gahhh I love the choreography!

Isa Diaz

Irene Pogado
664 people can't breath xD

Sora Ryuga
OMG jia in this song <3

Autumn Lawhorn
oh my suzy with that glove and jia with that sleeve. come on girls! XD lol i love them so much

Janis Moraga
Son geniales

laura calvario

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