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'Can T Let U Go' by 'Usher'
from the album '8701'
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Lyrics for 'Can T Let U Go' by 'Usher'
Yo Im Sick Of This Man-i Cant Even Take No More-xoz I Hate The Fact That I Love
You So Much-and U Know What Im Sayin-u Dont Even Understand Wat This Is Doing
To Me-everytime I Try To Get Away-i Just Cant Let You Go-u Know Wat Im Sayin I
Just Cant Let You Go

I Never Ever Wanna Hurt Ya-i Just Wanna Love You-i Just Wanna Sex U Up- I Wanna
Give U Everything You Need-things U Want-just Lay Down Let Me Love Ya All Night

Jd- It Was Beautiful When We First Started

Usher:- I Dont Want To Leave You-i Just Wanna Keep You-when They Saw Me They
Saw You-damn The World-its Just Me And My Girl-thats How I Felt-everytime I
Thought It Was Right-it Went Left.

Chorus:- We Used To Laugh And Party-now All We Do Is Argue

Jd- Wat Happened To All The Good Times

Usher:- I Tell Myself That I Dont Want You No More-but I Cant Let You Go

Jd- U See I Cant Let U Go

Usher:- So Much Love And Hate

Jd- I Hate This

Usher-people Screaming It Wont Work

Jd- Im Sick Of All This Shit Man

Usher- Time And Time I Say Im Gonna Leave

Jd-see Wat Im Saying

Usher-but I Cant Let You Go

Jd (break)-now U Wanna Be Real Insensitive And Try To Act Kinda Funny-u Know
Wat, Man U Aint Even Gotta Wait Till In The Mornin Man-u Can Get Out Of Here
Tonight Hey Yo Glen Come Grab Her Shit And Get Her Outta Here

Usher:-u Aint Even Gotta Like Me-but You`re Not Gonna Fight Me-u Cant Even Walk
Away And Say I Never Gave You Everything U Need-all We Do Is Argue All Night
Long-i Dont Wanna Leave Ya-see Ya With Another Brother Lovin` Ya-sayin Damn The
World-its Me And My Girl Its How I Feel When U Think Everything Is Real-but It
Really Aint

Chorus (2x)- Jd Rap- Got Me- Walkin` Around Ready To Snap-got Me-walkin` Around
Lookin For Somebody To Slap-got Me-goin With No Pause-got Me Up In Cardiac
Everyday Just Coz-got Me Argueing About Lil Stuf-it Get A Little Rough We Kiss
And Make Up-she Wanna Say Wat She Wanna-i Dont Play That-she Wanna Constantly
Bring Up Shit From Way Back-got Me Thinkin` Bout Her While Im Watching A
Flick-got Me Dipping Through Traffic Trying To Gte Home Quick-got Me Talkin To
Myself Im Hating This-got Me Wanting To Wild Out Like Im Jadakiss-got Me In A
Place I Never Thought I Would See-got Me Not Wanting To Stay Not Wanting To
Leave-got Me Happy Got Me Confused-got Me Wishing-i Could Get It How I Used To-

Repeat Chorus (2x)

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