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'The Plan' by 'Sunz Of Man'
from the album 'Last Shall Be First'
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Lyrics for 'The Plan' by 'Sunz Of Man'
You Think You Got It All Setup
You Think You Got The Perfect Plan
You Think You Got It All Setup
You Think You Got The Perfect Plan

Prodigal Sunn:
We Break Your Plans Up
Sunz Of Man What
Throw Your Hands Up
Stand Up Soldierly
Enemies Close To Me
The President Took A Colt To Me
The Same One That Threw A Rope On Me
Pick On Dead Brains Like The Vulturs Be
Build Like Constuction
Bring Plans Destruction
Malfunction Your Internet With Intelect
These Doors In The Sunz Of Mansion
You Ain't Enter Yet
Where We Trap You
Like Soloman's Temple
Caught You Tryin' To Steal A Jewel
Out My Mental
Who Sent You
Devils Drive Your Soul Like A Rental
The Hell What We Been Through
Since We Start Speakin' Hebrew
We Got Robbed Stuck Up With Needles
Be Careful They Need You
They Plan To Delete You
????? On To Lead You
It's Good Verses Evil


60 Second Assassin:
A Dollar
Black Power
To Destroy
The Real Mccoy
We Off The Roof
Oh Yeah
One Hundred Proof
My Plans
Sunz Got It Locked Up
Oh Yeah
Chase It Down With Vodka
Oh Yeah
Sunz Of Man
Could Stop Us
What's The Plan
Setup Perfect Why Flop Us
My Man
It Be Me And You
Oh Yeah
Down By The River
Oh Yeah
Without Guns And Triggers
Wu Man
Sunz Plan Is Perfect From There
Think What I Know When The Nine Ran
To The Eight To The Nine To The Two G's
Never Plan To Fail
Never Fail To Plan


Prodigal Sunn:
Sleepin' On Persians
We Used To Wear Turbins
Daughters The Virgins Gold Slippers
Now They Gon Be Strippers
Can't Hold They Liquor
They Fight And Bicker
God Sent Blew Out The Projects
No Life Left Jobless
Diggin' Out Garbage
No Welfare With No Healthcare
The Pain Is Felt Here
They Decieving With Tv's
Turned Her Into A Species
Won't Feed The Seed
The Government Raise The Rent
Birth Control Pills
We Owe Mills
Black Man And The Black Woman Can't Get Along
Because Rikki Lake Is On
With Two Horns
Let's Take It Back To The Applejacks Hat
Before They Shackled Blacks
We Was Above Things
Now We Drug Fiends
Shootin' Dope In Our Bloodstreams
We Love Cream
We Love Dreams
When Our Feet Are Soft
Comin' Up To Me With Three Fourths
Tryin To Get The Freak Off
But You Know Priest Thoughts
If Knowledge Is A Freecourse
Keep Your Knees Crossed
I Can See Forked Tongue
Taught When I Was Young
By The Older
Brush It Off Our Shoulders


60 Second Assassin:
This Plan Ain't Written We Be Livin' It
Wisdom Flow Ocean Leak
To Deep To Swim In It
Women, Lil' Kim And Them
Instead Of Bein' Militant But Feminent
You Guilty Or Innocent
Rap Black Internationalist
Niggaz Kill Me With That Old Fashion Shhhh
Claimin' Buy This
They Ain't Real With They Topics
Claimin' Worldly Knowledge
You Get Tossed Like The Thomasses
It Is A Promise, Kid
Your English Will Get Buffed And
Based On David You Roughin
Your Whole Majors Is Frontin'
Triple In Your Front, Blue
So Why Ya'll Still Theivin From The Sunz Of Man
Independent Group
Information Must Be Leakin Out My Faucet
Aqua Blue And Still Ain't Nothin' New
In The Sunz Whippin'
Even As It Was Written
As It Was Written

You Think You Got It All Setup

Prodigal Sunn:
Interception Of Your Production
Self-destruction Of The Son Of Man
Never Thought The Alien
Would Eventually Make Grandz
Hand In Hand
Peace To Black Man, Woman, And Child
Juveniles ????????????????????
Young And Liberated
Some Deceased And Separated
Non-educated Rated Out-dated They Never Made It
Swift Wisdom Precision
Islam My Definition
They Call Us Make Sonic Brawlic Wise Decision
Snakes Missin' The Fiction
Out Of Jurisdiction
To Late To Listen
About You Bombin' Competition


I'm Your Father
I'm Your Daddy
I'm Your Brother
I'm Your Doctor
When You Bleed
From That Wrong
Teach Your Seeds
What They Need
Is True Knowledge
From The Tree
To Be Free
I'm Your Son Of Man
I'm Your Son Of Man

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