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'Innovations' by 'Saukrates'
from the album 'Vol 1 Underground Tapes'
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Lyrics for 'Innovations' by 'Saukrates'
Yo, I'm Roaming One Man Deep, Combin The Streets
And Beatboxin, Like The Field Niggas, Singin Hymns Pickin Cotton
Wit Massive Watts And Tickle Eardrums Wit Pleasure
Every Single Measure Apply, Exact Amount Of Pressure
A Chemical Reaction Happen
What Was Fastened By The Spit, Rashing
For Its Catalystic Fashion, Showin Its Passion
For Harassin Microphones, Pass It To The Left
And Left My Nigga Bless It

(pharoahe Monch)
My God Bless My Very Last Breath
To Be Allah Uahkbar
For Narcotic Cops To Mark Me Inside Of The Shark Bar
Spiritual Sparks And Lyrical Darts Adapt The Visual
One Nation Under This Rap Shit Indivisible
Never Miseb-erable Anymore
Pharoahe The Crit-ically Acclaimed Rap Professional
Keepin Computer Digital
By Hark The Best Speed
This Expert Who Could Keep Niggas Alert In A School For Narcolepsy

Chorus (saukrates)
Let Em Know The Time It Takes (yes Sir)
For Every Rhyme To Shine, Innovate (come On)
Don't Ever Underestimate
Most Niggas Come Fake But We Cuttin The Red Tape

(pharoahe Monch)
How Many Man It Take The Quality Time To Rennovate
Through Rhyme Form, Solely For Poetic Penetration
Subliminal In This World It Minimal Ventilation
The Task-master Dome To Gas Mask From A Clinic
Walking The Earth, Avoiding The Global Epidemic
I Limit The Sun's Uv Rays Wit A Visor
While Ya'll Pass The Plague Lickin Blunts Wit Your Saliva
We Main-line A Rhyme In Your Mind Like Tranquilizers

The King Has Arrived Ya'll
Before I Get Ya At Your Barmitzvah
Leavin You Mentally Circumsized
Nah I Did It, Fuckin You So Hard You Never Forget It
Even Ellen And Martina Navatirola's Comin Over
Cuz They Tryin To Get Wit It
Crack The Back Of All Critics In A New York Minute
You Ain't Seein Me, My Dome Is Tinted
Return, The Dues That You Never Earned
Niggas Know Your Whole Style Is ?

Chorus B (saukrates, Pharoahe Monch)
Let Em Know The Time It Takes (yes Sir)
For Every Rhyme To Shine, Innovate
Don't Ever Underestimate
We Spit It, You Bit The Bait Of These Top-notch Stimulating
Lyrics You Can't Escape
Let Em Know The Time It Takes
For Every Rhyme To Shine, Innovate
Don't Ever Underestimate
Most Niggas Come Fake But We Cuttin The Red Tape
Now, So Break Down

Lyrical Mastery, Has To Be, Otherwise I'm Callin You "majesty"
Bitch-maker, Switch On Me, Tragedy
These Lyrics Got Em All Mad At We Are Us
As We Discuss Who The Best Could Be

(pharoahe Monch)
Fuck It, I Pop Glock And Block Glock Shots
In Top Spots From Top-notch Cops To Bust From A Crotch
Positioning, My Conditioning Allows Me
To Withstand The Rain Like Two Sets Of All Weather Michelins, Uh Uh

Uh Uh Hittin The Whole Rhyme, Splittin And Fold
My Diction Make Friction, Switchindiamonds From Coal
Heavyweight Lyric, Man I Be Rippin Jabols
I Be Hittin It Every Minute Though There's Seconds To Go

(pharoahe Monch)
Pharoahe's Soliciting Crack At Black Baby Christening
Glisten In Rap, Topical Shit, On Some Missin Impossible Shit
Manyacal, Whenever The Diabolic Spit
Words They Never Undeniable

Chorus B 2x *minus "now, So Break Down"*

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