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'I Hate The Way I Live' by 'Mr Serv On'
from the album 'Da Next Level'
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Lyrics for 'I Hate The Way I Live' by 'Mr Serv On'
I Got Money, I Got Fame, I Got Houses, Cars, Stupid Shit
Thought Everything Would Be Alright
Thought I'd Do Something For My Moms
I'm Telling You, I Love You Mom
I Love You Baby
Eryn Cierra, I Love You
Ha Ha, I Hate The Way I Live
I Hate The Way, I Hate It, I Hate It
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon

Chorus: Repeat 2x

Niggaz Close To Me Too Scared To Let Me Fly
Niggaz Close To Me Ain't Scared To Let Me Die
What I'm Ridin For, Ain't Nobody Fightin For, Ya Heard Me?
I Hate The Way I Live, I Hate The Way I Live (c'mon, C'mon)

(mr. Serv-on)
Niggaz Act Like We Was Close
I Could See It In They Eyes, What We Had Went Up In Smoke
We Used To Laugh And Joke
When Money Was Small, Time To Change
I Thought Everybody Would Ball, Thought If I Could Call Back Our Life
I Guess The Bad Times When We Was Broke And Down To Fight
I'm Back To Back, Pass Me A Strap, But I Feel Assed Out
It's Like I'm The Only Nigga Screamin For The Poor Niggas Down South
The Rain Seem To Cover My Tears
I Remember The Days Stealin Out Of Sears
How Am I Ever Anticipated By Bitches Killin Niggas Doing Time
And Gang Related, Somebody Feel My Pain
I Thought I'd Change, Thought I Had So Much To Give
I Made A Little Money, But I Hate The Way I Live
I Hate The Way I Live, C'mon

Chorus 2x

(mr. Serv-on)
See My Life
If It Was A Book I'd Tell My Homies Turn Back The Page
Cause It Be Like I'm A Little Child
Walking In A Man's Body Lookin For A Better Age
Cause When I Was Two I Lost My Pops And I Ain't Know What To Do
I Know What They Put My Moms Through,
Working Her Fingers To The Bone
It Was Like She Was Stabbin At Her Head Stone
Get Home Alone, Trying To Become A Man In This Fuckin Killers World
And I Look Up Now I'm A Father With Two Girls
What Should I Do (i Love Them Both)
Hope Last, But Then I Look At The Past
See How Many Niggas Fell Down
And Now I'm Sayin Damn I Could Scream For A Town
I'll Always Be Rowdy, And I'm Always Ready To Ride
But I Put This Tank On My Chest
And I'll Tell You Niggas I Ain't Scared To Die
When I Write About It, Lot Of Niggaz Read About It, Y'all Dream About It
What Up, Y'all Niggaz Can't Fuck With What I Stand For
I'm A Nigga That'll Live This Game,
Nigga What You Ride For, I Know What I'd Die For
And When The Time Come Nigga I'm A Be My Mama's Son
And I'm A Blast Till There Ain't No More, C'mon

Chorus 2x

(mr. Serv-on)
I Sit Back And I Watch Women, Y'all Hooked On Crack
And Then I Say God Damn That Makes Me Wanna Just Pull My Strap
Get Em, Get Em! The Fool Out There That's Sellin It To Em
They Pregnant With A Baby
I See Em Through It, I Don't And I Go Crazy If It Was My Lady
I Gotta Look Back, That's The Way Life Is In These Streets
Look Back Then One Day You Standing Up
And One Day It'll Knock You Off Your Feet
You Got Tags On Em, I Get Back And I Sit Back,
(what's My Name?) You See I'm Serv-on
But The Thangs Gon' Change My Fame, Maybe If You Know My Name
It's Better Than What I Can
That's Why I Try To Shield Some Of These People
You Gotta Be What Only God Let You
But Then At The Same Time I'ma Be A +devil+ And Get With The +advocate+
Take It To Another Level, That's My Game, That's My Style
You'll Never Understand What It Means To Be A Father Of The Child
Ya'll Just Full Of Hate, I Look Back And Try To Escape
Deep Into My Dreams, (i Hate It) But This Is The Way It Is
I've Been A Fiend, I've Been One

Chorus 2x

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