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'Just Drop Dead' by 'Limp Bizkit'
from the album 'Unreleased'
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Lyrics for 'Just Drop Dead' by 'Limp Bizkit'
Okay...where The Hell You Been

You Said You Were Hangin With Your Cute Girlfriends
Then I Got This Call
Kinda Woke Me Up
Said They Saw You Chillen With This Young Little Fuck
I Was Kinda Dazed
And Maybe Confused
Never Would Expect
This Terrible News
Not Only You Were Kissin'
This Fool You've Been Dissin
You Were Playin Me Out
Now You Better Listen

What The Fuck Is Going On
Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are
Cause For Alarm
You Be Talkin Shit
Beggin Me To Stay
Even Though You Run Your Fuckin Mouth Everyday
I Ain't Some Punk Ass
Dealin With Your Drunk Ass
Thought You Might Be Fine
But You Crossed The Fuckin Line
The Tables Will Be Turnin
This Lesson You'll Be Learnin
Fire Down The Panties
And Leave Your Ass Burning
I Just Abhor...i Just Abhor
You Act Like A Whore
So Just Drop Dead...just Drop Dead

Rewind, Back To The Start
When We Got Together
I Gave You My Heart
We Made Some Mistakes
But That's How It Goes
And Everytime We Broke Up
You Gave My Ass A Rose
Sayin You Were Sorry
And I'm The Only One
Leave You Like A Chump
While You Were Having Fun
I Was Feeling Lonely
When You Were With Your Homey
Ain't That A Bitch
Now You Both Can Blow Me


I Just Abhor...i Just Abhor
You Act Like A Whore So Just Drop Dead!

In Love There's Lust Then Blood Then Guts
You Touch My Crutch I Trust You Way Too Much
Our Love Is Lost In Blood And Guts
You Touch My Crutch I Trust You Way Too Much!!!
You Got A Lot Of Fuckin Nerve
You Think This Is A Fuckin Tennis Match
It's My Time To Serve
I Fuckin Hate Your Guts Yo
Ready For Me Hoe?
It's 15 Love What The Fuck Ya Gonna Do?!
What The Fuck Ya Gonna Do?
What The Fuck Ya Gonna Do?


Just Drop Dead

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