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'I Need A Haircut' by 'Biz Markie'
from the album 'Unknown'
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Lyrics for 'I Need A Haircut' by 'Biz Markie'

Ah Yeah
Now Check It Out

I Would Walk Into The Bathroom To Take A Crap
I Sit Down, And Then I Write Me A Toilet Stool Rap
Whether I'm Constipated Or Have Diarrhea
I Always Come Out With A Funky Fresh Idea
Even If You Don't Think It's Funky Fresh, And
To All The Little Kids I'm Makin A Good Impression
Cause A Lot Of My Hits Are Written On The John
I Hope My Legendary Style Of Rap Lives On
This's A Hidden Secret Where Classics Come From
Everybody Has Done It, Even My Man Run
Only In There I Am The King Of The Throne
Hey, Hey, You Know I Can't Be Alone
No Girls, No Guys, No Dogs, No Cats
No Parents, No Nieces, No Nephews, No Brats
That's The Only Way That I Can Get Privacy
And You Know Where I Write My Funky Fresh Rhymes Live, You See...

Me Sittin On A Toilet
Waitin For My Bowels To Move
I Got A Doodoo Rap
I Got A Doodoo...

Yo, Bust It
Let Me Tell You A Little Something Bout This Episode
It Was Four In The Morning, Chillin On My Commode
It Was Me, My Pad, And Pen, And My Bad Breath
All Of A Sudden I Came Up With Somethin That Was Real Def
I Was Thinkin, What A Real Beatbox Could Do
What If I Put A Hype Beat With The "p-pf 1-2"?
Then I Write Some Words, So I Really Can Use It
I Think I Would Name This One Make The Music
Like If I Was The Man That They Call Clark Kent
Cause I Go Into The Bathroom For Rhymes I Invent
Then I Come Out On Stage Like Superman
But Never Show The People My Masterplan
Instead Of Movin Towels, Or Movin Vowels
Only Think I'm Doin, Is Movin Bowels
A Tv In The Bathroom Just Might Spoil It
Only Thing I Can Say Is...

I'm Sittin On A Toilet
Waitin For My Bowels To Move
I Got A Doodoo Rap
I Got A Doodoo

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