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'Witch Storm' by 'Bathory'
from the album 'A Black Moon Broods Over Lermuria'
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Lyrics for 'Witch Storm' by 'Bathory'
Silvern Skull, Sable Shroud, Ebon Tower, Onyx Crown.
Witchfire, Black Citadel, Frost-shrouded Steel, Moon-veiled Spell.

The Skyqueen Of The Dead Rides Forth, Black Storm-borne Steeds,
(their Flanks Anointed By) Immortal Blood,
Hark To The Striking Of The Winds, The Moon Burns Black As Slaughter Reigns.

Bright Fires Agleam Through Winter's Night,
Dark Spells Whispered On The Winds,
The Trees Enrob'd In Veils Of Frost,
Moonfire Entwines The Eye Of Khthon.

From The Moon-swathed Depths Of Winter-mists,
Enchantress, She-who-walks-the-night-alone,
Sloe-eyed Shape-shifting Sucubus,
Silken Veils And Slime-smeared Flesh.

Storm-witch, Hearken This Night,
Hone This Black Blade With Sorcery,
Battle-spells Annoint My Flesh,
Let Blood And Steel Be My Glory.

Elder Tongues Encarved In Sinistrous Slime-flecked Stone,
The Obsidian Tower Broods 'neath The Moon,
Winged Fiends Descend From Storm-wrought Skies,
Black Ring, Key To The Shadow Gate, Aglow With Eldritch Spells.

Forged In Witchfire, Envenomed Steel,
Ensorcelled Blade, Blood-ravening,
Ebon Demon's Tooth, The Bane Of Kings,
Red Rain Of Slaughter, Prow Of Blood.

The Ravening
(lyrics: Byron, Music: Jonny & Chris)

Black Legions Ravening For Blood,
Dark Lords Hearken To My Call,
Warriors Rise Forth From The Earth,
Battle-spells Empower Me,
The Throne Of Kings, The Summoning,
Marble Halls Sunk 'neath The Waves,
Storm-wolves A Prowl (beneath) The Ebon Moon,
Immortal Hordes, Pledge Me Thine Steel!

The Clarion Call Of Battle Sounds,
Iron Gleams In Baleful Flame,
Slaughter Shines From Misted Eyes,
Storm-forged Blade Drink Deep.
Stench Of Carnage Fires My Blood,
My Bride Of Steel Sings In My Hand,
Corpse-mounds Piled To Touch The Sky,
Black Fury Enshroud Me!

Bleed For The Gods Of War!
Flesh To Sate The Worms!
By This Sword I Rule!

Dreadful Fall Of Slaughter,
Raw Scent Of Fresh-spilled Blood,
Crimson Rain Falls From The Sky,
Ravens Ride The Storm.

Black Cloud Of Arrows, Red Storm Of Swords,
Dark Wave Of Carnage... Slaughterfall!

By Blood And Steel I Rule!

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