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'Now U Like Me Now' by 'Bad Boys Da Band'
from the album 'Too Hot For Tv'
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Lyrics for 'Now U Like Me Now' by 'Bad Boys Da Band'
Sara: (chorus)
Oooo, Ahh How U Like Me Now
Now That You Know That I Made
Ooo You Coulda Took Me Back
Now You Sit Here Remeniceing
About My Time You Wasted
You See Me Spendin Faces
Coulda Done Somethin, But You
Did Nothin, You Was Just A Waste Of My Time

When I Was Walkin, You Didnt Have No Mouth
Now Im Ballin Wit A Talkin Bitch, Imagine That
You Tried To Play Me Cuz Your Ass Was Fat
But You Was Cute Because You Hair Was Done
I Gotta Deal Now Here You Come
All Of The Sudden You Wanna Speak To Me
Recently You Dyin For A Piece Of Me
Respect Yourself, Have Some Decensy
Im In The Top Five And No You Cant Creep Wit Me
Girlfriend, Your Nothin But A Freak To Me
Girlfriend, Ill Never Take You Out To Eat Wit Me
She Threw Her Hand On My Crotch And Started Teasin Me
And Said Just Think Of How Good We Could Be
I Told Her I Dont Give In That Easily
Hips For The Bullshit She Was Feedin Me
Damn, She Gotta Body But She's A Flea
Golddigger All She Wanted Was Some Cheese From Me


Tha Boss In Tha Club,tha 1 And Own, Yall Kno Me,lord Choppa,
Donkey Actin, Actin An Ass, Yall Cant Stop Us,
Throwin Bows. Scratch To Ya Nose,
Rubbin On Hos,
Checkin 2 Ways, Lighten And Smokin On Ademoes,
On Tha Real, If Ya Club Be Bumpen We Be Present,
Vip Section,hot Gurlz Im Down To Undress Em,
Fuck It Tell Me Lets Do It In Tha Back Of Tha Truck,
We Can Get Down And Dirty Wasup,
Cuz I Dont Give A Uh Huh,
Crissy Poppa,
Mix It With Tha Hen And Vodka,
See Im Tha King Of My Jungle Call Me Mufasa,
Pull Up In Tha Big Body Benz Sittin On Rollaz,
Yung And Ballin Doin My Thang Im Shotcallin,
Gangsta Nikka, Ex Scrilla Ill Pop U Up,
Roll Wit A Team Of Hard Hittas Thatll Box U Up,
We Go To Any Club From Tha Club,from Tha Whispers To Tha Tunna,
Cuz We Tha Boys From Tha Jungle, Yaaaa Hearrd Mee


I Want It So Bad I Can Taste It
Better Move Do Somethin Cuz Im Gettin Impatient
I Want It So Bad I Can Taste It
Wit The Gun Up In My Waste Im Loosin Patience

Whats Wrong Wit You
You Know Theres Only One Of Me
This Crazy Bitch Done Went And Got A Gun For Me
I Know Time Cant Stop For Me
I Didnt Ask You To Hop In The 6 And Come Back To The Block For Me
I Dont Need No Win Or Must
Im Gonna Be Gone Until November Long Gone For The Winter
Playin Pong In Hong Kong
Me And Raylon My Little Cousin
From Over Town The Life Of The Young
Imma Bring Him Home When I Strike Like Lightin
They Hit Like Thunder Through Thong
Women Callin Me Bone
Swinging That Thing In This Bitch
The King Dingaling
In The Hood They Call Me The Paul Bunion And A Heartbreaker
They Call Me A Human Onyon But You Can Call Me In The Grand Canyon
Im Doing Great Eatin Grapes In A Tan Mansion
Im So Handsome Your Grandma Wanna Call Me Grandson
Holla Back

(chorus 2x)

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