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The default settings are used to choose a random value from the list to display when someone first loads your page before they can make their own search. To override these settings, just create your own below! 1 MIN. 10 MAX. To use our default settings, leave the following fields blank.
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The Free Amazon Script is an easy way to create a searchable display of products on your own web page. There are no scripts to download or install, just fill in the form and add the code created to your webpage! The code will contain your Amazon ID and enable you to earn commissions for selling products through the Amazon Associates program!
4 styles are available (on left is style 1). Type an artist or band name into the top search box and click GO!
Fill in the form as many times as you like if you would like multiple categories or variations for different webpages!
We include a search box in association with containing our AllPosters ID. To change this ID to yours we ask you to sign up to AllPosters through our link, HERE.
Please tick the share information with referring website box, once you have been verified, we will change the posters search box to your ID! You will earn fantastic commissions at AllPosters of 25-30%.
This service is FREE!!!

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